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How many times have we heard fishermen screaming…. “somebody stole my trap” or…. “I am sure I put the trap down in this area” or….. “what???? NO PRAWNS!!!!! It could be that someone stole the trap but it is also highly likely that in a strong current or rough sea the trap continually got lifted off the ocean floor and moved a great distance away. In addition, if the trap is moving, prawns will not enter the trap!!   To minimize the chance of losing your gear and increasing your chances of catching more prawns you MUST make sure your trap is not moving.

Pro Marine Products are the leaders in the revolutionary movement to “Thin Line Prawning”. We want to share some of our secrets with you so you can catch more prawns and lose less gear.   Think about this….if you put a trap down in the water with nothing attached to it….it would not move! The trap by itself does not offer enough resistance in the water to cause the trap to move.   The reason the trap moves is the drag that is created when we attach 400ft (or more) of large diameter line (usually 5/16 leaded line or floating poly line or both) from the trap to an identifying Scotchman or float/buoy at the surface.   In a strong current or rough sea the large diameter line and Scotchman offer a great deal of resistance or drag in the water.   This is the cause of the trap being lifted off the ocean floor and floating away.  

Traditionally fishermen have been adding more and more weight to the trap to stop it from moving.   This is counterproductive.   It is not the solution.   If the cause is resistance or drag……. the solution is to reduce the cause…….. reduce the drag!!!

Pro Marine Products has developed an innovative way to set and retrieve prawn traps.   The Pro Line Hauler is a compact, rugged, mechanical device that uses strong (450lb test) thin diameter (2mm) line from your trap to the float at the surface.   This line offers 14 times less resistance in the water and helps eliminate the drag that is causing your trap to move. The Pro Line Hauler is easily installed in a Scotty deck or rail mount and comes pre- spooled with 450ft of round braided nylon line.   Using the Pro Line Hauler eliminates the need for cumbersome and expensive line haulers and the large tubs or containers required to store large diameter line.

The Pro Line Hauler can be used on any size vessel.   It does not require an independent 12V power source because it is driven with your cordless drill.   It can be used on an inflatable or even a kayak. In our testing we used a ½ inch DeWalt 20V cordless drill.   Other quality drills would have the similar results. Our testing revealed that there is sufficient torque in a half inch cordless drill to raise a prawn trap from 400ft. twice without replacing the battery.   Because the Pro Line Hauler can be used with multiple spools it is easy to set a trap in one location and then move further down the shore to set another trap with a second spool.  

Join the movement to “Thin Line Prawning” and catch more and lose less!!   Using the Pro Line Hauler will save you money, space, and the frequent disappointment of losing your gear or coming up empty handed.