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Happy Testimonials



Showing off his first catch of crabs off Sidney Spit, BC.

Les Dillabaugh, Prince George

John Cojocari is an expert with his Flex Fold Traps.
Vancouver, BC.

Surviving on crab in Sutherland Bay, Drury Inlet.
Doug and Sue Anweiler

A catch like this would make any kid happy.

HUGE crabs caught off Victoria, BC.

Richard Myerscough of Whites Diving pulled up a few
Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

It's an awesome trap. It works really well and its great that its so easy to store. Its so easy to use that our 2 year old caught 6 crabs with it this last week.
Sandy, Vancouver

Ken had a good day of crabbing with this load he brought up. Nine keepers in one set. Not bad Ken!