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At PRO MARINE we have spent the last decade developing innovative marine products for those who love to be on the water.  Some say that our products are revolutionary! Some say “Why didn’t I think of that? It’s just common sense”. Years of experience, new technologies, and extensive design have allowed us to offer great new products to boating and fishing enthusiasts. Whether you own a large motor or sailing yacht or a small inflatable or kayak, you’ll find our products perfect for any vessel.


In the summer of 2004, a few buddies were looking to buy crab traps in the quaint seaside town of Sidney, British Columbia. They had three criteria. They all lived on sail boats and were looking for a collapsing trap, as space was a premium, made of stainless steel so it wouldn't bleed rust onto the decks; and, above all, it had to fish well.

There were ten stores in the small town that sold crab traps. Not one had what they were looking for. The traps were either too big to store, too small or rectangular in shape. It is well known fact in the crabbing community that "the bigger the better" and crabs don't do square. Just look at a commercial trap; they are not designed that way for economy of production or storage.

Stymied, the Flex Fold founder immediately set about building a better crab trap. Within days he had a prototype that he splashed into the waters off Sidney Spit, a local crabbing hot spot. He pulled the pot after a couple of hours and there they were - 3 large crabs, the first catch of the Flex Fold Trap.

9 years later - there are about 10,000 Flex Fold Traps fishing in the Pacific Northwest and we receive emails from people telling us how much they love their traps. This year we introduced the Flex Fold COMBO Trap and it is creating the same stir that the Crab and Prawn Traps did. Happy harvesting everyone!